WordPress Belfast Meetup Group


WordPress Meetups finally has a group in Northern Ireland!

After searching and finding that there was no existing WordPress Meetup group in Northern Ireland, I started to look into the requirements for starting a group.

The more I looked into the support and guidance offered from WordPress central, the keener I was to get a group set-up and going in Northern Ireland.

In-line with the suggested requirements, WPBelfast (WordPress Belfast) is open to anyone with an interest in the platform, no matter their level or skill-set.

WordPress Belfast, for everyone of all abilities

Whether you are a seasoned coder, designer, or first time blogger. Anyone with an interest in the platform is welcome along to the Meetups.

We have no formal plan as yet, for the topics of the Meetups. But I hope that it will encourage more people to get involved with the platform, at any level.

I would certainly hope that we would be having regular Meetups, and the odd event where speakers can demonstrate tips and tricks. Perhaps we will get a few designers who can demonstrate themes they have designed,  and we might even get demonstrations of plugins created by developers within Northern Ireland.
Who knows, perhaps we will develop the next big feature to be included in a future release of the platform!

As the WordPress core files are open-source, the platform allows developers to ‘hack’ in new features, and edit the existing code. Thankfully for designers like myself, this also applies to the majority of themes and plugins.

The Meetup will allow for networking within the group, so if you are seeking a custom theme designed, or to create or adapt an existing plugin, come along and chat to ‘those in the know’.

The first WPNI Meetup takes took place in the library room, The Parlour Bar on Elmwood Avenue, Near Queens University Belfast on Tuesday 28th January at 7pm. Space is limited in the room for the initial Meetup, but future meetups may not be at this location, and this will be discussed during the first Meetup. Our current locations for the Meetups is Farset Labs, Belfast.
Details of dates and times are available on the WPNI site or the Meetup page.To book your place, or for more details go to:

WPBelfast was re-named from WPNI (WordPress Northern Ireland), in 2017.
This is in the hope that it will remove any barriers for another WordPress group starting up in another town in Northern Ireland.
If you would like to start a WordPress Meetup group in a town outside of Belfast, feel free to comment, or get in touch, I will do all I can to assist you.